Enable an Image to Be Parameterized in Docker

Create a .js file var radius = process.env.diameter / 2; var area = Math.pow(radius, 2) * Math.PI; console.log( `Area of a ${radius} cm radius disk: ${area} cm²` ); Create a file named Dockerfile and add the following code to it: FROM node:11-alpine ENV diameter=4.0 COPY compute.js . CMD node compute.js Open a command-line. Change the …

Use youtube-dl to download 1080P video with audio

Today I used youtube-tl to download videos from YouTube. Because of networking traffic it took me some time to finish, however, video downloaded successfully. But when I open the video then I notice the audio file not be downloaded simultaneously. Here is a way to fix this problem: youtube-dl -f 137+bestaudio –merge-output-format mkv youtube_url

Two useful tools for your terminal: Ranger and Neofetch

Ranger Ranger could make your directories in your terminal looks more organized and clear, you only need to type ranger Then your terminal would look like: Neofetch Another one is a simple tool to present your device information, you only need to type neofetch Then your terminal would present some information in a pretty way: