Enable Spring Boot Devtools in IntelliJ

1. Add Dependency in pom.xml <dependency> <groupId>org.springframework.boot</groupId> <artifactId>spring-boot-devtools</artifactId> <scope>runtime</scope> </dependency> 2. In your intellij IDEA go to: file->settings->build,execution,deployment. Go to ->compiler->build project automatically. 3. Advanced Setting -> Enable auto-make

Algorithm Pattern – Rotate & Spiral Array (LC 48 54 59)

Thought For the rotation question, we could get an easy approach by observing the rotation result. For the Spiral question, we should set the four dimension ranges and keep updating them. Example 48. Rotate Image (https://leetcode.com/problems/rotate-image/) You are given an n x n 2D matrix representing an image, rotate the image by 90 degrees (clockwise). …

How to upload project to another GitHub repo

Sometimes we may combine our own project with a GitHub remote repository, it may be school repo or work repo. However, what if you want to upload the project into your own repository for future review? Try this: git remote rename origin upstream git remote add origin URL_TO_GITHUB_REPO git push origin master