How to launch your own ICO in Ethereum?

1.First install and register your wallet. For example, I use MetaMask.

2. Send test ETH to our wallet.

We don’t need to use our real ETH, so don’t worry. Just copy your wallet address to this link.
You can get 1 ETH each 24 hours.

3. Token Code.

Ethereum tokens comply with ERC-20, you can find details about this standard here. And the code framework provided in website, we can reach it in GitHub.

4. Deploy code.

We need to use official tool to deploy our token code. We should import code from GitHub, EIP20.sol and EIP20Interface.sol.

5. Compile code.

Compile EIP20.sol from second tag in left hand, and then connect with your wallet from third tag in left hand. Bye the way remember to choose environment as injected web3.

6. Set information for your token.

Set basic information for your token, for example, your name, amount, etc.

7. Publish it!

Click transact, then you can add your token into your metamask.

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