Use youtube-dl to download 1080P video with audio

Today I used youtube-tl to download videos from YouTube. Because of networking traffic it took me some time to finish, however, video downloaded successfully. But when I open the video then I notice the audio file not be downloaded simultaneously. Here is a way to fix this problem: youtube-dl -f 137+bestaudio –merge-output-format mkv youtube_url

Two useful tools for your terminal: Ranger and Neofetch

Ranger Ranger could make your directories in your terminal looks more organized and clear, you only need to type ranger Then your terminal would look like: Neofetch Another one is a simple tool to present your device information, you only need to type neofetch Then your terminal would present some information in a pretty way:

How to use Docker?

What is Docker? Docker is a platform that allows one to package an application with all of its dependencies and surrounding environment in an isolated container. This is useful because the next time you want to deploy your application somewhere else, for development or production, you can simply pull down that container rather than setting …

How to download videos from Youtube?

Download youtube-dl and ffmpeg brew install youtube-dl brew install ffmpeg Re-direct to your video directory cd your_video_dir Download video youtube-dl or youtube-dl -f mp4 Insert subtitle get subtitle youtube-dl –list-subs download youtube-dl –write-sub –embed-sub –sub-lang zh-CN -f mp4 Others Check website youtube-dl \–list-extractors Update youtube-dl -U Help youtube-dl -h